Educating Children is the key to success 

Children need a safe and peaceful place for a healthy development and to reach their full potential. Kurdistan Save the Children manages a number of Educational projects which include 7 Children’s Cultural Centers that provide a number of different activities for the child beneficiaries.
* KSC’s Children’s Cultural Center- Sara staff voluntarily painted the Sara Kaziwa walls. The Children’s Cultural Center- Sarshaqam staff also voluntarily painted the walls of a primary school in the area.430 students benefitted from the activity. It’s worth mentioning that the paint was kindly provided by Marjan Paint, Hastiar Paint, Rangdan Company.

* On the 1st of March 2017, Mother Language Day, KSC presented two Kurdish Writers Ms.Zakia Rashid and Ms.Ruxosh Ali with appreciation certificates during a musical activity at Sara Cultural Center. 170 guests attended the event and a number of musical pieces were performed by Mali Masturay Ardalani Group and Mastwra Group.

* On the 10th of March 2017, Kurdish Clothes Day, the Children’s Cultural Center- Chwarta conducted a Kurdish traditional clothing fashion show for the child beneficiaries.
* On the 14th of March 2017 a Football Course was opened for 120 child beneficiaries of the Children’s Cultural Center- Arbat. On 26/3/2017 the last football game of the course was conducted and prizes were given to the winning team.
* On the 27th – 30th of March 2017 a number of music and art activities were performed by the child beneficiaries at the Children’s Cultural Centers (Sara, Sarshaqam, Chwarta and Arbat). Within the same framework the child beneficiaries at Kaziwa Nursery at Arbat Camp performed a number of activities to celebrate the establishment of the nursery.

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