KSC conducted a number of activities:

The Child Protection Program, since its establishment in 1991, works with the aim of protecting children’s rights in the Kurdistan Region within the framework of the international convention on the rights of a child.

Child protection is our main priority since the services we provide in our education, health, youth, sponsorship and children with cancer program all fall under the umbrella of protecting children’s rights.
Within the Child Protection Program/ Kurdistan Save the Children conducted a number of activities in March:
• 112 children benefitted from the project’s social services, 79 children benefitted from the legal services and 15 children benefitted from other services such as field investigations and the provision of milk. (see tables)

• On the 12th of April 2017, Kurdistan Save the Children in coordination with Raparin University conducted a series of seminars under the title (Child Rights) at Raparin University/ Faculty of Primary Education.

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