Meeting about Child Protection Projects / Kirkuk

On 23rd April, 2019 Kurdistan save the children KSC participated in a meeting held by UNICEF in cooperation with DoLSA for the partnerships in Kirkuk, the meeting was included five NGOs (KSC, Fuad, Amal Iraqi Association, TDH and Wichan) who are working for Child protection program in Kirkuk governorates.

The aim of this meeting was:
– To strengthen coordination among UNICEF to support referrals.
– Discuss challenges faced by partners – related to capacity gap and the recommendations.
In this meeting KSC presented the presentation of KSC (CP) project in Kirkuk (Prevention and protection of children in contact with the law-Kirkuk Governorate) including the brief of the project activities, project achievements, project challenges and the recommendations of KSC.
After presenting all of the presentations of all NGOs regarding to the challenges and the recommendations, UNICEF discussed the following important points with the participants and will start working on them:

1- Developing the capacity of child protection staff (Social workers and Lawyers) in terms of Child protection concept.
2- Strengthen the communications and the cluster meetings between the partnerships of CP projects.
3- Focusing on the various needs of the children.
4- Quick refer for the emergency cases to the competent authorities.
5- Increasing the number of Child protection staff in the NGOs.
6- Sharing the information of the all activities on CP projects between the NGOs.
7- Integrating the services of CP team between the partnerships.
At the end of the meeting UNICEF requested for the presentations of all NGOs.

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