Introducing the Negative Effects of Child labor/ Duhok

On 16/6/2021, Kurdistan Save the Children/ Duhok office carried out a several activities to identify the negative effects of child labour, and to protect them from violence and abuse.
* Leaflet distribution in the traffic lights, parks and public places and poster hangings in Duhok city continue regarding the negative effects of child labour under legal age.
* With the help of a number of donors, food aid was distributed to 15 working children’s families, and they were sent to child protection Program of the Kurdistan Save the Children / Duhok.
* The distribution of 116 Helpline of Children leaflets continues in Duhok schools to protect children from physical and mental violence, and to use this line during times of emergency.
Kurdistan Save the Children expressed their gratitude and appreciation to Zewa Center of the Social Care and Development Directorate / Duhok, the ILO the International Labour Organization and all the donors that support these projects.