Who we are?

Who we are?

Kurdistan Save the Children is a non-profit, non-political,and non-sectarian organisation that provides assistance regardless of race, gender, traditions, political or religious affiliation.

We  work with children in various fields of child protection,sponsorship, health and education. Our main aim is to work directly or indirectly, to ensure a better future for children, through improving and providing their various  medical, social, economical and  educational needs.

We have been around since 1991, founded by Ms. Hero Ibrahim Ahmed and other dedicated people who believe in every child’s’ right to a trouble free childhood. Our main office is located in Sulaimani in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Kurdistan Childrens Fund (KCF) is a partner organisation of KSC, registered in the United Kingdom since 1993, which works as an international fundraising body for KSC.


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